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Snowdrop Twist Bra

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The most anticipated bra of the season, the Snowdrop Twist Bra is finally here. The shape has been borrowed from big sister brand Damaris. The Twist Bra is an iconic style designed to ensnare the imagination, intrigue, and delight. Delicate, sheer white lace with flowers that dance over your skin, reaching up from a band of pure silk. The tension created is gentle but surprisingly supportive, so the bra sets the stage and is a special occasion in itself...

♥ Matte silk under band, neck piece and centre seams
♥ Iconic design from Damaris
♥ The dream Honeymoon bra
♥ Intricate floral lace with soft feel, exclusive to Mimi Holliday
♥ Stunning scalloped edges
♥ Fully adjustable straps and standard bra closure
♥ Layer under clothing, or show it off under a deep V shirt



Snowdrop Twist Bra (M) was $165 AUD now $99 AUD